Why I Chose Horses

img_2160smallOne question people often ask me is why I decided to use the horse as a muse in my new show. One important reason is because the horse is an animal I have felt connected to all my life. I started riding them at the age of?ten. It was at the time that I also started drawing them- there I was, a 10 year old young girl, picking up a pencil and paper with no prior training in art, and yet I felt compelled to capture the image of this animal in a permanent way…and so I began to draw.?Learning to draw horses became a serious endeavour that launched my interest in becoming a visual artist.? In this way, the Spirit Horse exhibition celebrates my artistic career. The drawing included here is that first one I ever did as a young girl. I had called it Man-O-War?(1958).

This image, which means so much to me, will be on display at my show this month.

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