Beginner’s Oil Painting Class JUST ADDED


Over the last few months, I have had many people show interest in taking an Introduction to Oil Painting class.

Due to the demand, the Dollard des Ormeaux Centre for the Arts has graciously offered me a Wednesday night time slot to teach this course. It will be a small class size with a lot of time for personalized attention. The course would be approximately 8 weeks long (October and November). Registration ends September 26th. 3 spots left. Contact me if you would like more information.

Course description:

In the first few lessons, student will learn how to buy and maintain oil painting equipment, correct oil set-up procedures (including how to make your own painting mediums and varnishes), and colour mixing theory and techniques.? In the following classes, students will experiment with the ways that light (value), colour, shape and texture affect the composition and feeling of their paintings. ?They will be taught the proper way to layer oil to achieve different effects and permanent results.

Subject matter will involve both realistic and non-representational elements.? The teacher will demonstrate how design elements (pictorial language) are common to every style of art work.? Students will be encouraged to research the painting methods of many different painters to generate ideas for different painting methods.

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