Introduction to Portraiture Course

Learning to Draw Heads – Concepts of Basic Portraiture *LATE JANUARY* michelangelo-head

New course starting in late January/early February

8 weeks, 3 hours per class – to meet at a convenient time for participants (probably Saturday or Sunday)

Location: Deirdre’s studio in Lachine

Small class size. 3 SPOTS LEFT

Cost: $225

Description of Course: (This course will be done in black and white drawing media. It will be helpful if some students have their own portable style easel).

This course is to introduce portraiture to students who have had no training in this area. We will draw and learn about the form of the scull and facial planes and how this relates to the drawing of basic forms (cube, sphere, etc). The alignment of the basic facial features will be discussed, as well as how to measure proportions in order to find likeness. Students will do drawing exercises to practice all these concepts. Deirdre will teach methods of drawing each facial feature, one at a time. These will be related to how light falls on each, to create volume.

Finally, Deirdre will help students learn how to spot problems in the choice photographs as forms of reference.

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