Basic Principles of Perspective for Artists


Learn the key classic principles to give your art perspective and depth!

For beginners to advanced.

6 weeks, 3 hour classes to begin late January! *Schedule tailored to the availability of students.*

Location: Deirdre’s light-filled studio in Lachine.

Cost: $170.00

Small class sizes – maximum 5 students.

Which ways do those angles go anyways? Have you been puzzled about how to draw barns, houses, rooms and books? It is not really so hard, but you must learn some basic principles first. I will explain the concepts of eye level, one/two/three vanishing points (and when to use them), and the position of the viewer in relation to objects. We will learn ‘sighting’ techniques (holding our pencil out to estimate angles), and how to put all these things together. It is a fun thing to do with a group.

Drawing by Hannah Yon.

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