Teaching Drawing at CAMMAC (Canadian Amateur Musicians)

Location: Lake MacDonald, Harrington, Quebec


What is CAMMAC?

CAMMAC is a summer musical program which is internationally renowned for teaching music to amateur musicians. The program is divided into 8 one-week sessions organized around the study of different types of music (choral, chamber music, broadway, jazz, blues etc). Students may attend the one-week sessions in order to improve their technique on instruments of their choice. The program provides plenty every free time for boating, swimming, tennis and hiking. Every evening, there is a concert preformed by professional musicians.

Deirdre’s Drawing Class

Deirdre McCay has been teaching drawing at CAMMAC music centre every summer for the last 15 years. The course lasts 6 days consisting of 1 hour per day. It is called the CAMMAC Sketchbook. In this course, Deirdre reviews all basic drawing skills and how to record visual experiences in a daily sketchbook. She provides training in line drawing, portraiture, composition, light techniques and perspective.


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