Fire, Air, Earth, Water, The Winds Of Change, The Birth Of Consciousness.

This show is about the transformative power of spirit and of nature. It is a way of sharing my encounters with both light and darkness. The images in this exhibition come from my personal experiences with visions born from both the daily practice of yoga and meditation.

The images that keep emerging are of flowers, wind, fire, fast-flowing water, birds, and natural environments that seem to be transformed by spiritual forces. For me, flowers are connected with the idea of ?flowering? or personal growth. They are symbols of mankind?s connection with beauty and hope. Fire can represent passion and the energy of creation. It purifies as it burns. Wind is spirit present around all things. It is change. It is consciousness ? ever present. Fast- flowing water feels to me like that river of life in which we are all caught up. We swim like mad trying to keep our noses above the water line. Occasionally we wash up on ?rocks? ? places of some stability where we can rest awhile, but soon we find ourselves swept up in the current once more. Birds feel like freedom. They can move up into space, light, and wind unhindered by the material life below. All of these elements are encountered both in the Bagavad Gita and Vasistha?s Yoga, ancient Vedic texts. The light that pierces through my various images is that energy that both practices share. I know that it represents the joy and wisdom deep in every human heart. It represents awareness and awakening.

The show as a whole is my way to share images representing my spiritual encounters with others. I hope the pictures will resonate with each person who sees them. These are forces that I believe have meaning for us all, and unite us as human beings.

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