For this series of work, I was inspired by the aboriginal belief in ?Spirit animals? (also called totem animals). Indigenous populations believe that the symbolic presence of these animals is a ?helping spirit? which guides human beings along their life journeys and provides them with support and protection. At a time when we are beginning to re-think our connections with nature, I offer this visual insight into the majesty and power of animal energies. The first completed work for this series is a large oil painting called ?Elephants Pushing Through the Mist.? I wanted to depict these elephants as an emblem of ancient wisdom, community spirit and caring for one?s young. Ultimately, it represents ?pushing through? obstacles and remaining grounded in the strength of one?s self.

My main focus in this series will be on horses, which will culminate in a solo show called ?Spirit Horse? at the end of 2010. I have loved horses my whole life. To me, they represent freedom and travel; living without boundaries. My first drawings at the age of ten were of horses. With this show, I will be coming full-circle, back to the thoughts and dreams of my childhood.

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